Monday, June 6, 2005


Monday has arrived. And it looks like it will be a nice day, not a cloud in the sky and the temperature is going to be quite a bit lower than normal. Not the best weather for gardens, as the plants seem to do best when it’s in the 80’s, but not bad for gardeners who don’t feel like sweating a lot while weeding. I do enjoy warm weather, even hot weather…but I must admit that it interferes with my gardening plans when it gets up into the high 90’s, and even the plants are stressed at that temperature. As soon as the sun is up, I will take a picture of the grapes I have growing in the garden. If they all ripen, as I think they will, we will have a bumper crop! I read the other day that the wine grape harvest is supposed to be a record one and so I suppose it follows that table grapes would have a similar forecast. Since this is just our first full year in Orland, I don’t really have a feel for harvest dates yet. I seem to remember that the grapes were almost completely ripe last year at this date. And I know that the apricots were ripe…but not this year. It will be at least another 2 or 3 weeks before the apricots turn from green to gold. I really should keep a garden diary, complete with dates for harvesting and maybe it will all make sense in a few years.

Yes, Saturday was the one year anniversary of our move from the city to the country. And I rarely think of that old house and neighborhood anymore. If I miss anything about it at all, it would have to be Monday breakfasts with Dennis and Trader Joe’s.

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