Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cities May Seize Homes

Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes - Yahoo! News
Can you, for a minute, think of any reason why a private entity should be able to persuade a city to condemn and take your property for their own use and profit?

If this doesn't scare are simply unconscious. I know, I know...they will take someone else's home, not yours.


  1. Welcome to Amerika, now may I see your papers comrade!?

    Scary, scary........

  2. Doesn't it strike you as very odd (and sad) that this decision didn't make all the headlines?

    The citizens only recourse now is make certain that they watch their local government like a hawk and don't let the developers buy off the local officials. (Right!)

  3. Talking about selling off the country.....both parties have decided that we should abandon demcoracy in favor of a buisness model of management. This is true in our churches as well. I fear that profit will be put before Liberty every time.