Thursday, June 30, 2005

Early Morning

I just got back from an early morning visit to my garden. To view God’s creation as the sun rises, that’s a great way to start your day!

Everything is growing well. I even saw some pink on the tomatoes so that means it won’t be long till they will be ready to eat…every day.

And while I was inspecting and watering some of the plants, I couldn’t help but notice that the plants were covered with dew. The temperature is close to 70 right now and yet there is dew to nourish the plants. Amazing! But, I went ahead and started the sprinklers early because of the forecast heat for the day.

All of my flowers are doing well. I planted Calendulas, African Daisies, Bachelor Buttons, Hollyhocks, Marigolds and others, all in rows next to the vegetables. I used seeds, so not all were successful, but a lot were, and it should be a riot of color in a few more weeks.

I am particularly fascinated by the Eggplant plant. It has half a dozen of the purple vegetable dangling from its spindly stalks and I wonder how it holds them up? They are beautiful, a very dark purple.

So what’s in my garden? Gourds, big “cannonball” sized. I have strawberries, eggplant, crookneck squash, straight neck squash, zucchini, acorn squash, sweet yellow corn, “burpless” cucumbers, Armenian cucumbers, pineapple tomatilloes, purple tomatilloes, tomatoes; 5 varieties! Bell peppers and wax peppers.

Did I miss something? Ah, yes…pumpkins! And that is a story in itself as I got the pumpkin plant from Little Red Hen Nursery. And at harvest time, I will take the pumpkins back to the nursery, where they are sold for charity. The other day, when I put out all of the plants I had recently purchased and actually put them in the ground, I had placed the pumpkin where I wanted it…and then forgot to plant it. So it sat out in the sun all day, forgotten and wilting. I spotted it when I made my evening inspection of the garden and wasted no time trying to revive it, soaking it thoroughly. Apparently it worked and the next morning it appeared to be on its way back to health. I see that I lost one stem, but that’s not an obstacle.

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