Friday, June 24, 2005

Fight terror with conveyor belts

Fight terror with conveyor belts and longer tables |
As a former frequesnt flyer, these stories always get my attention.

Since I would have to pass through airport security at least 4 times each week, I became somewhat of an "expert" on how to do it easily. I had my Airport Shoes; these had no metal in them and guaranteed quick transit. I knew enough to place most items in my checked luggage and everything else went into my briefcase for the trip through the security gauntlet. But sometimes it was the obvious things that irritated me the most. Like a table...I would find myself at the end of the conveyor, a basket or two filled with computer, briefcase and sweater and no place to put them while trying to get them all back in order. Frequently, I would simply stop, place them all on the floor, kneel down and begin the re-packing. Didn't it make sense that if you needed a table to unpack your stuff at one end of the security process, that you would need a table at the opposite end to reverse the process?

My favorite though was the "Don't Touch Table". If they wanted to more thoroughly examine your computer, they would take it to a table that held a specialized type of scanner. On this table, in small print, on a small label, were the words "Don't place any objects on this table". Of course! The table was at just the right height to set your briefcase while they worked on seeking out any bombs in your laptop. But...just glance down at that table as if you were thinking about touching it and they were on you like wolves on a rabbit! Get away from that table! I know it's silly, but wouldn't it make more sense to simply place this special table in a place where you wouldn't be tempted to touch it?

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