Monday, June 20, 2005

Good Book

I found this yesterday and thought you might find it interesting.

Prophetic Untimeliness by Os Guinness
An excerpt…
“The avant-garde is the rear guard” is said today with good reason, for many twenty-first century liberals have eighteenth-century views of progress, nineteenth-century views of science, and mid-twentieth-century views of fact and objectivity. The problem is not that these views are dated—the error of chronological snobbery is itself a legacy of modern time—but that they are untrue.

The paradox is evident on the conservative side too. Many conservatives, it is said, hate liberals more than they love freedom. But that is only the beginning of the contortions. Above all, conservatives today are anything but conservative when it comes to business and the environment. In these areas no one could be more stridently progressive than our brave conservatives. Historian John Lukacs writes, “ ‘Conservatives,’ especially in the United States, are some of the most strident proponents of ‘Progress’; their views of the present and future are not merely shortsighted but laden with a bellowing optimism that is imbecile rather than naïve.”

These ironies lead us right back to our central concern—how an unprecedented Christian pursuit of relevance has led directly to an unprecedented Christian irrelevance. To this special problem we can now turn, with this vivid awareness of how the pressures of modern time shape all of our lives, including our life of faith.”

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  1. Excellent, excellent, excellent!!!!!

    For the last couple of years I have concluded that some of those that claim to be most conservative are at heart liberals on many issues.

    This is one of the greatest books I've read in a long time. Now I am on to reading C.S. Lewis works......