Sunday, June 5, 2005

Government Logic

While I was enjoying that website that defined government contract language…this memory came to me. At one time my father owned a mechanical engineering and contracting firm, a very small one. But he had a good friend, a Rear Admiral with an office in the Pentagon. (I remembered him well as Commander Daniels, but that’s another story.) My father bid on and received a contract to refurbish the power plant boilers at a naval station. And he was also directed to build some brick barbecues at the Officers Barracks. This was an addition to his contract and it was justified by the fact that the power plant had a direct connection to the barracks, via conduit and piping, thereby making it an extension of the power plant. Or part of the Utility Distribution System.

"Utility distribution system," as used in this subpart, includes distribution and transmission lines, substations, or installed equipment forming an integral part of the system by which gas, water, steam, electricity, sewerage, or other utility services are transmitted between the outside building or structure in which the services are used and the point of origin, disposal, or connection with some other system. It does not include communication services.

All perfectly logical!

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