Wednesday, June 15, 2005

New Definition

The board of General Motors has given the United Automobile Workers union until the end of the month to agree to cuts in its members' health care benefits, union officials said Tuesday.
Many local union leaders have said they were willing to make concessions, but not to the extent that G.M. was seeking. If the union and the company cannot agree by the end of the month, G.M. is threatening to make the cuts on its own. Such a step could lead to a breakdown in G.M.'s relations with the union and possible strikes.

Remember when contracts were legally binding documents and you signed them only after being very certain that the terms were satisfactory? I guess "Legal and Binding" has become "infinitely variable"...

Hey! I have an idea...make some vehicles that will sell.

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  1. Thank lawyers for the mess Steve. The liberal interpretation of the laws in this country have got us into this post modern relativism.