Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Social Security Revisited

It has been a good day...My phone interview went well, although it does feel odd making sworn statements over the phone while they tape the conversation. 1984? All in all it was very pleasant.

I still have a few documents to file but after that I'm officially a retired U.S. citizen.

So to prepare for that retired feeling, we had bought a barbecue the other day. We had looked at 4 different stores but found the one we wanted at Target. I looked at the store model and couldn't determine just where it had been made, but it was a Brinkmann model and they were located in the USA.

We had to take a raincheck since it was a pretty good price...and today we picked it up and I assembled it. And of course it was made in China. On the positive side, it went together easily, it seems quite solid and I understand that the recycled cardboard used in the packaging material was made in America.

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