Friday, July 27, 2007


I’m awake and moving. The coffee has been made, which means that the well is functioning this morning. That’s good enough.

The subject for discussion this morning is blogs and blogging. During the past few days I’ve been reading the blog
As Time Goes By. There’s a lot to read on the site and most of it is quite interesting. And I couldn’t help but notice the nice looking ‘interior decorating’ on the pages. Everything is orderly. My own blog is getting cluttered and it’s starting to resemble the top of my desk. That’s a bad thing!

As I was reading some of the comments on her pages, I noticed that a lot of people have some discomfort with the word, ‘blog’. Many used the word, ‘log’ when complimenting her endeavors. And some used the word, ‘flog’. That’s one that I like, although it means, to sell when used in Britain, and do I want to be known as a salesman? I know I have said it before, the word, ‘blog’ feels clumsy to me and I’m always hoping that someone will come up with a better word.

So why do I blog, log or flog? That’s a question that I usually ask myself at least once every morning. This morning’s answer is… for my mental health. I think it’s good exercise for your brain. I suppose if I lived in an ideal physical world, where I could just step outside the door of my house and find myself engaged in bright and articulate conversation; where I could easily pick and choose from 100’s of news media outlets; where there was an art gallery on every corner and a great coffee house/bookstore in between… why, I wouldn’t need the internet at all. And I certainly wouldn’t waste my time blogging, logging or flogging.

OK, so it isn’t a perfect world and I have started the morning trying to remember just what it was that I wanted to comment upon in my blog this morning. As I was getting ready for bed last night, I thought of a Very Important Subject to write about. But, this morning finds me lost in the attic of my thoughts, finding nothing but old and dusty memories. Darn!

But now, after reading
Crabby Old Lady’s blog, I have plenty on my mind. Who are these people? For starters, they have to be in denial. Age happens. And after reading some of those comments, it can’t happen fast enough to them!

OK, old people are sometimes take away the word 'old' and use 'teenagers'. These are the same people that used to irritate you when you were in high school... true for every age.

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