Monday, July 23, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

Oh, oh…triple digit weather for the coming week and beyond. That ought to stress the tomatoes into full production. And that will move me into the pool on a more frequent basis.

I started reading the headline news from the networks (CBC, ABC, NBC and Fox) and had to give up after a few minutes. With that kind of writing it’s no wonder that they are losing market share. It’s getting harder and harder to find good news sources. Reuters is usually a cut above, as is the Economist. Actually, the Economist is the ‘gold standard’. The Christian Science Monitor also employs good writers and I always enjoy Boing Boing.

The internet is redefining how news is spread and it makes for an interesting time for those of us that enjoy the news. And news and advertising go hand in hand. I had this thought the other day; the public is actually renegotiating their contract with newspaper publishers. We want our news to be free. It’s time for the advertisers to pay us to view their ads. And they can do that by giving us the media. It’s the same story with music and other entertainment media; musical artists are making a move to sell directly to their fans and rid themselves of the middleman. If movies are using product placement in their content, we want lower prices. We are renegotiating our contract!

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