Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Book Review

Started reading the book, Against The Tide by Lincoln Chafee. I haven’t read more than 40 pages and I’m already disenchanted with the Senator. You would think that with his credentials, I would be glad to read what he had to say. Not so…so far. What I have found so disturbing is the fact that he plays politics when we’re looking for men and women who will confront issues head on. He talks about the fact that Cheney met with his small group of moderates and they all ‘went along’ with him. He didn’t say much at the time because he was a ‘freshman’ Senator. What? As a plain thinking citizen, I don’t elect ‘freshmen’, I elect (hopefully) those who would work for me. Now. Not some years later after ‘Seniority’ is reached. Where was his bravery? He actually speaks of being intimidated by Cheney. I will try a few more chapters, but so far the book reads like an apology and a political campaign.

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