Friday, June 13, 2008

Boycott Dr(e)yer's!

The growing food crisis has hit me in a most vulnerable spot; ice cream. The local Long’s Drug store has been advertising ice cream at $2.99 for a 1.75 quart of the good stuff from Dreyer’s. Wrong! It turns out that all that is available is a new 1.5 quart size. 1.5? If you can remember, this used to be called the half-gallon size, 2 quarts. Some time ago, the manufacturers quietly resized their product to 1.75 quarts and now, a few years later, they are doing it again. Why isn’t this headline news? Why aren’t your legislator’s busy coming up- with a solution to this disaster? It’s a crime!


  1. Kitty7:07 AM

    I read your headline and thought you and Laurae were going to be out at the clothesline each day! :)

  2. Ya got me! I just walked down to the freezer and sure enough, it's spelled Dreyer's. I'll fix right away!