Thursday, June 12, 2008

Broken Promises

So much for promises. The wind was supposed to be over and done with by 6 last night. Not. And of course the fires continue to blaze, with a new fire reported in the Honey Run and Humboldt Road area east and south of Chico, with flames crossing the main road to Paradise. Everyone is nervous.

Ordinarily, the scanner that sits here on the desk is turned down low and most of what I hear is simply background noise; chatter. I’m not really paying attention to most of it. Somewhat like the television you turn on whenever you stay overnight in a motel. But now we’re listening and the volume is turned up. We’re paying attention to locations and to the tenor of the voices we hear. There were some very frustrated voices yesterday. This morning? Strangely enough, at this early hour and with the winds steady at 15 and gusting to 25 mph, all is quiet. Don’t know why.

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