Saturday, June 28, 2008


I was just reading the news that Obama has turned conservative in his opinions these days. So much for integrity. I was harboring a wishful thought that perhaps he was a man for real change. Not.

I’ve said in the past that Richardson should have been the candidate and I would love to see him as Vice President if he can’t be President. At least we would have someone with brains in Washington. I may have been wrong; I often am, but he seemed to stay on course and on message throughout the campaigns. He was the only intelligent candidate; great intellectual credentials! That was probably his downfall. As a nation we like our candidates to be as dumb, or dumber, than we are. Hence the success of the Bush/Reagan dynasty.

Here we are, only 5 months away from deciding on a leader for our country and we have nada, zip and zilch to choose from. Team Clinton was a bust, but what were they going to offer us except more of the same? And McBush is guaranteed to repeat the terrible mistakes of the current bozo.

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