Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cheap Eats

Warm this morning. It’s 71° outside at this early hour. And Boo the cat doesn’t want to hang out with me this morning. She’s sitting in the window and contemplating how nice it would be if I were to let her out to do whatever cats do at this time of day. She turns toward me every few minutes and gives me a sad ‘meow’.

We experienced some food ‘sticker shock’ last night. The chicken recipe I was going to use called for the chicken to be marinated and chilled for 4 to 6 hours. I had started too late and that would have made dinner available about 8, a time when Grandma would be getting the twins ready for bed. So I made the decision to order some pizza at the new Round Table restaurant here on the Planet Orland. Since the twins are only 5 years old, they were not ready to eat from a common pizza. Abby wanted plain cheese while Steven insisted on pineapple. We ordered one large pizza with everything on it; that was for those of us with ‘mature’ tastes. One small cheese pizza and one small pineapple pizza made up the rest of the order. The bill came to $47. Yikes! Two twenties and a ten. Gone, just like that.

If there had been a Papa Murphy’s available, we could have saved a little bit. But our Papa’s closed last year and the nearest one is now 15 miles away. 30 miles round trip. Does anyone remember the days when pizza was cheap food? That was when it was the food of choice for starving students. For $47 I could take us all to a sit-down restaurant and be served; twice.

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