Saturday, June 28, 2008


A house with grandchildren in it. That’s always nice! I wish there were more, but three (Meghan, Abby and Steven) are sleeping here this morning. The other four are scattered through the mountains to the east. Let’s see; two (Karlee and Kyle) at Lake Almanor, one (Shannon) in Westwood and one (Zach) in Garden Valley. I wonder if they are seeing any less smoke because of their locations, far above the valley floor? And what about the forecast? Thunder and lightning storms are supposed to hit the mountains today. That’s something we don’t need; not with over 1,100 fires going already. And most of them are lightning caused.

According to elders I know here on the Planet Orland, they have never seen this much smoke and/or for so long a period. There are a great number of people wearing disposable air filtering masks these days and the local hospital (Chico) was handing them out for free. We all have raspy throats and our voices are rough.

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