Friday, June 27, 2008

Huzzah! For the 19th Century...

A better morning, I think. The moon is a lovely shade of light orange, which is better than the dark red moon we have been seeing. The air still reeks of smoke, but I do feel a light breeze coming in the window.

And after having a cortisone injection in my back yesterday, I’m feeling better this morning. The plantar fasciitis symptoms in my left foot are down to a pain level of 2 where they were at a 6 or 7 up to the time of the injection. The right hip pains have moderated as well. Isn’t that odd that arthritic compression around the nerves can cause pain of two different types and on opposite sides? Am I cured? Not yet. The cortisone was given to try and identify the nerve that was causing the problem. Another visit will be required to actually block the signal from that nerve.

So, why am I telling you any of this? Because I was accused of withholding this information from my eldest. Me? Mr. Blabbermouth?

I think this communication problem lies with the fact that I own a blog or two, plus an offline journal. (Go to my Blogger Profile to see which blogs I own.) If I wrote it…I said it. To someone. Reality sometimes escapes me. In the meantime I will try to solve the communication problem by placing all of my specific physical complaints and successes on my marathon blog, Short Laps.

And those that know me know I love the written word and dislike the telephone. Face to face conversations are best and the telephone is a poor substitute for that. Maybe this comes from the fact that I watched Flash Gordon serials in the LaMar Theater back in the 1940’s. Flash and his friends always communicated via video phone. That was so 21st century! And since I can’t have a video phone yet, despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, I use the written word. So very 19th century!

(Here is Flash choking Ming The Merciless or A.G. he deserves to be!)

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