Saturday, June 14, 2008

Radio Star!

With the sun just coming up, I see that we don’t have the usual blue sky. It is quite red on the horizon and it looks like it will be more of a dirty brown color once the morning actually becomes day. And I can smell the smoke in the air from the Humboldt Fire. For those living in Chico, the ash is coating everything. Hmm? I hope it doesn’t come this far and get into my clean pool!

And I received this email late last night, “Hey there Dad....KCHO In a northstate Jennifer Jewell...can't seem to link and send to you...the piece is airing at 7:34 am sat and 8:34 am Sunday...if you can pass that info along??? Thank ya,ttys Dotta1” Well, I tried to find the link as well, but the site has no search capabilities. Best I can come up with is this link. And if you listen, Saturday or Sunday, you can hear Denise being interviewed for the North State Garden show. Very cool!

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  1. Good morning Steven. I know what you mean about the sun this morning. I even went out and took a picture of it and posted it on my blog. I drove through your area yesterday (we had to go to Redding for a Dr's appt. for my brother.) and the smoke from the Chico fire was nasty, and of course the other fire over to the west wasn't helping at all.