Monday, June 30, 2008


All is quiet here. It’s one of those good news, bad news things. No twins asleep in the other room. No more swimming lessons. We miss them. Yet it’s nice to have the days all to ourselves and without responsibilities.

Speaking of good news; tomorrow is the first day that Californians will be safe from motorists holding cell phones to their ears while driving. Hurrah! Expect a dramatic decline in vehicle accidents. And I imagine that we can also expect a refund on our insurance premiums.

More good news; the smoke is no longer obvious in the morning sky. There is still a light haze to the east of us, but it doesn’t look threatening and the sky above us is blue.

Bad news? There’s always some. And the worst is the fact that Bush keeps edging closer to attacking Iran. No, he won’t ask for permission when he does it and it bothers me that the military won’t question his orders when it’s quite clear that he is outside of his constitutional authority. I really expect him to do it as a symbolic gesture of his defiance of the law and not as a well thought out plan. Duh! Doesn’t that sound familiar? Especially now that the army is actually critiquing the plan that got us into so much trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place. Why would we think they could get it right this time?

Time Goes By has a good posting on the Iran/Israel/U.S. dilemma. OK, I guess it’s not really a dilemma for Bush/Cheney; they will do whatever they feel like. It’s you and I that have the dilemma. We’re living in a country without anyone responsible in charge.

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