Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still Smoking

I have a few of the windows open this morning and I can smell the smoke from hundreds of northstate fires; smoke that will distort the coming sunrise and cause headaches and coughing all day. From what we were told, the Planet Orland does not have the severe smoke problem that affects those living in Chico, 15 miles to the east. It’s all relative of course and a shift in the wind will change the conditions in a hurry. Wind; that is what we need, but only a breeze. One that will clear the air but not spread the fires.

I was searching the internet for quarterstaffs this morning; prompted by the Monday posting on Time Goes By and I came across this blog. It doesn’t tell me much about staffs, but it does reveal (once again) the fact that there are blogs for everyone and for every interest; even one for men who like to fight with sticks. Is there a women’s auxiliary? Or, in this enlightened age, are women expected to pummel you with a stick in a ‘manly’ fashion?

So, from what I can gather, I need hickory for my staff. An eastern hardwood. And it has to be a sapling, gathered in the wintertime. It sounds as if my hunt for the perfect quarterstaff is going to take longer that I expected.

The more I think about quarterstaffs, the more I like the idea of having one. One with personality of course. An all titanium high tech staff wouldn’t do. It should be all natural; wood, with twists and curves that attract the hands to places where a secure grip can be obtained. But, how do I transport the darn thing? The staff is supposed to be between 6’ and 9’ long. That’s not something you just toss in the backseat or trunk of the car. Although, our new car has a pass-through in the back seat that allows for the transport of ski equipment. I guess that would work…

Since today is the day I handle the irrigation chore for our small group of ag water users, I really wish I had a quarterstaff to ease my way up the path to the canal and to ward off any stray dogs.

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