Sunday, June 15, 2008


It’s going to be a tough two weeks for the cat. Twins and the cat don’t mix and right now the twins have ‘squatter’s law’ on their side. They’re in the house and their suitcases are unpacked. They’re not going anywhere soon.

I just let Boo in the house a little while ago and after getting her usual breakfast, she hurried in to greet me here in the study; scurrying past the open door to the twins bedroom. After some mutual ‘meows’ we engaged in our normal 5 minutes of cat wrestling; I won 2 falls out of 3. At that point she will normally take to her chair in the other bedroom and sleep till noon or longer. It’s a tough life, but a cat has to do what a cat has to do. But, wait... that room has a grown-up sized person sleeping in it this morning. What to do? She sat in the hallway and stared at the chair for awhile. Just ten feet away. Finally she decided to go for it; she’s in the chair now, but how long will she stay? About two minutes! The tension mounts. Where will she sleep? In the meantime, she’s nervously parading back and forth on my desk top. OK, she made some sort of decision and she has left the room. Where did she go?

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