Friday, June 13, 2008

Those Friendly Skies

The other news story that caught my eye was the one about United Airlines and their decision to charge for checked luggage. So if I travel by air, I should buy new clothes when I arrive at my destination and then donate them to the Salvation Army just as I return? Is there anyone that doesn’t travel for more than a week without checked luggage? And if I remember correctly, and I do (how could I forget?)…the amount of overhead bin space is limited on all airplanes. It was already a fight to get your carry-on stowed before all of the space was taken and they forced you to check your bags. And that was 5 years ago! So I have to wonder, if you are now one of those ‘losers’ and all of the bins are filled just as you step on board; will they charge you the $15? And all you have is a $100 dollar bill? Or a credit card? Or $10 and some change?

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  1. Kitty7:14 AM

    Good call...If you are broke, do you leave your bag behind? Maybe they ask for volunteers to give up their bin space for the poor sap who was at the end of the line and is going to visit his sick aunt or has medical supplies that have to be at the destination. Some sad story to get someone else to pay instead. I saw a cartoon recently that showed the flight attendant making the announcement for the oxygen masks. "In the event of pressure loss in the cabin, oxygen masks will automatically drop from above. And for an extra $15 it can be activated by ......."