Friday, June 20, 2008

What Happens

When a School Board of Religious Zealots Will 'Lie for Jesus'?

I've always found it fascinating that some Christians; the big 'C' Christians, believe that they must defend God. Why would God need defending? Or, could it be...they are really defending themselves?


  1. I'm really disappointed when the Christian community is dishonest. And I'm appalled when they just refuse to think. I've been attending Southern Baptist Churches for years but I'm on the verge of dropping out because my fellow members think George W. is God's agent on this earth, that the Republican party protects family values, and that Fox news is a fair and unbiased source of information.

  2. Yes, I know what you mean. We were quite involved with the Evangelical Free church until it became apparent that questions weren't really welcomed. Any and all questions were answered with "it's in the Scriptures" and then an appropriate bit of verse was recited. No questions = No thinking.

    We're affiliated with a Federated Church now, Presbyterian and Methodist combined. But still there are those who feel that God needs defending.

    I've talked to Him...He doesn't.