Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Darn Right!

I filled out the survey on Time Goes By the other day and I remember that one of the questions was something about ‘what did I like most about retirement’. And I didn’t even hesitate; freedom is what I wrote. And upon further contemplation I would add that one of the things I strive for with this new freedom is the freedom to be eccentric. Yes, I think it’s a goal that all elders should pursue. And if enough of us did that, we could redefine ‘eccentricity’. It would become the norm for our age group. Besides, just who are those people that think they can define how we should think and act at any age? I’m eccentric and proud of it!


  1. Ah, but now we need to know what some of those eccentricities might be...

  2. Hopefully, I answered that today...