Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Darn Wind

Strange things are happening. The wind is blowing once again and the fires are on the move. I’m listening to the scanner and although I’m not always sure of where the speaker is, I’ve been hearing orders for evacuations on the north side of highway 70. (Kirby Creek Road?) I can’t imagine how that would feel if the sheriff were to knock on my door at this early hour and tell me to get out, now. Scary.

And there are bats. We’ve always been glad to know that the bats are living next door in the barn. Well, the barn must have become too hot and yesterday afternoon, we ended up with half a dozen bats sleeping in the breezeway leading to the garage. They would stir every once in a while and swoop down onto the pool surface for a drink. I just checked a few minutes ago and they are gone; out hunting in the cooler morning air. I do like bats, as neighbors. Not as residents. I may have to find a way to discourage them if they show up again. I could try spraying them with water, but in this heat, they may invite their friends over for a cool shower.

Now this; the scanner reports that a house was just overrun by fire on Cirby Creek Road near Trillium Lane and I found this on my map program. It's just 4 miles south of Magalia and 6 miles southwest of Paradise. Not good!

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