Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Early Opinions

Ah! It’s 4 AM, I’m alive and thinking once more. Coffee in hand with more on the way. Sure, it’s early but that’s nothing new. I’m always awake at an early hour. You would think that I had been raised on a farm, but no, just too many years of early commuting.

Now it’s time to browse the news and the blogs. Come up with an opinion. Or two.

But, before I go there, I just thought of one from yesterday. When we bought our new car, the dealer included a 3 month subscription to XM radio, the satellite service. And I do enjoy it. Sure, it’s free - for now. But I have been really surprised at the advertising I hear. ‘Train your brain in just 7 minutes!’ What is all that about? In fact, I haven’t heard a normal commercial yet; they’re all just a little bit odd. And why are there any commercials at all? I really thought satellite radio was commercial free.

So yesterday I was listening to the XM station that features old time radio shows, like The Lone Ranger and Jack Benny. And although the original Jack Benny show was sponsored by Lucky Strike cigarettes, you don’t hear those commercials; a good thing. But it did make me think of how pervasive those ads were. Growing up, we were surrounded by tobacco. Radio, movies, newspapers and magazines; all filled with tobacco ads. It was ‘normal’. Smoking was what you did when you grew up.

And now I have to wonder why we allow those same companies to stay in business. They’re criminals. Drug dealers. It would be nice if we could punish them for past behavior, but that’s not possible. But allowing them to stay in business is criminal.

Just a rant. I feel better now. And as you know, there is no one more vindictive than a former smoker.


  1. Kitty6:53 AM

    I am watching the series Mad Men on AMC. It is now in it's 2nd season and it takes place in approx. 1960, New York Ad agency. It is very well done with great care taken to detail. From the setup of the office, with secretaries in front of each man's office along with the drinking and smoking on the job, it brings back memories. Reminds me of Coast Federal Savings without the booze. The Ad men have just seen the first self effacing ads run by Volkswagen and are appalled! How could anyone think of selling something by poking fun at themselves. Much better to make smoking look sexy. It highlights some real interesting changes that happened in the 60's as far as advertising and the place of women in the workplace.

  2. Weren't we 'smart' back then!