Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For arts sake

Did I mention the weather yesterday? I should have; bright blue skies with some small puffy white clouds. A nice breeze blowing. One could almost forget that we’re surrounded by active fires. I don’t know where the smoke went but I wasn’t sad to see it gone for a day. And the firemen were on the move as well, lots of trucks on the highways and it looked like they were heading home.

We’re going up to Lake Almanor tomorrow to spend a few days among the pines and that’s going to be a treat. Should I take my watercolors? Oh, sure; why not? But I have to make sure I have plenty of blue and green. Some burnt umber. And a little bit of white in case there is a cloud or two. And I think I’ll bring Yupo ‘paper’ instead of the usual paper and that will make the colors even more vivid than nature intended. When it comes to art, I’m not a realist. In fact, some would say that when it comes to life, I’m not a realist. But that’s another story/debate altogether.

This will be the first road trip in our new car and so I’m going to be interested in the comfort level. And the performance on our way up the mountain. Since it’s a hybrid, I’m not expecting a lot of power but I’m hoping it’s sufficient for the steeper sections.

OK, I’m awake now. It’s time to look at the news and the blogs.


  1. Kitty7:06 AM

    I will be thinking of you all up in those cool mountains under the pines. It is heating up again here with high humidity (monsoon).

  2. Ah! The Arizona Monsoon...high drama!