Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting Away

It’s our getaway day. We’re off to Lake Almanor and Prattville this morning after one quick stop at the vet’s office to deposit the kitty. I haven’t looked at the CalTrans site yet, but we heard that Highway 32 was open once more. If so, I imagine we’ll see some of the fire damage on our way up the hill. (some demographics for Prattville...scary!)

There is no internet access at the cabin. If the world, as we know it, ends while we are sitting on the deck and admiring the view, we’ll be clueless and will continue to smile and chat without worry.

But, wait…I wonder if our Clearwire connection would work if I were to pack up the modem and take it with us? Nope. I just checked for coverage and there is none, so if the world does end, it‘s going to do it without our being notified. But I’ll still take my jump drive along with the laptop and I can continue writing for another day.

Hmmm? 3 days – make that 2.5 days, without any financial news? Sounds like bliss. You know, like ‘ignorance is…’

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