Friday, July 11, 2008


The smoke was incredible yesterday. Socked in. Remember camping and whenever you got close to the campfire, the smoke always seemed to blow in your direction? Well that was it; thick and filled with ash. And no escape.

It’s still too dark to see what’s happening outside, but the forecast calls for more smoke and the temperature is already at 80° this early morning. It doesn’t sound good. All very discouraging – and not healthy besides! Cough! Cough!


  1. Kitty6:56 AM

    Any way you can get out of the area for the weekend? No one should be breathing that smoke for weeks on end. Those poor fire fighters!

  2. Good idea...but I think we would have to leave the state!

  3. Hey Dad! Did I tell you how beautiful it is up here?..... You must come!