Sunday, July 13, 2008


What’s that noise? Apparently, the single cow that grazes in the pasture just behind us has become lonely overnight. As soon as I turned on a small light, she began to call to me. Quite loudly. Who else could she be calling? No one else is up and about this Sunday AM. Well, I don’t speak ‘cow’ so I will have to do my best to ignore her.

It’s not quite light yet, but I can already see that we’re going to have another gray/brown day of smoke filled skies. The forecast tells us that we have another week of the same conditions ahead of us. We’ve seen this for what? A month? 6 weeks? Longer? This year will be remembered for the ‘summer that wasn’t’.

Do I want to look at the news this morning? Nah! Just a quick glance and that tells me that most of us are still here this morning. No disasters. Maybe I’ll look later.

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