Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Outlook

Since I stopped using Outlook because it’s such a memory hog, I’ve had to depend upon my own memory and it is telling me that today is irrigation day. So, at 6 I will drive a short distance, park, and then trudge up the path to the canal and open the flood gates. Trudge is a good word to use here as I don’t have a neat garden path to skip upon. Nor do I have a slick paved surface to stride upon. This path is rutted and contains gopher holes and the stumps of long gone weeds and thistles. And I must go slowly to avoid the spider webs. So I trudge.

Strange, but I don’t really miss Outlook. I used it for at least twelve years and taught others how to use all of its many features. (Too many!) After showing the user the basic email features, I could easily overwhelm them with all of the other features in just a few minutes. I quickly learned to give out hints and tips only, and only when I revisited their offices. “Would you like to know how to invite just certain people in the office to a staff meeting? No? OK, see you next year.” Now I use Gmail and it does everything I really need.

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