Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Party Time!

What was I going to rant about this morning? So many choices! And that’s a shame. I guess the first one on my list is the Senator Stevens (R) indictment story, only because I was in Alaska a few years ago and flew in and out via the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage.

What a great airport! Every city should have one like this; modern, spacious and basically empty. You won’t have to fight any crowds in this airport! And it was with gifts like that that Senator Stevens (R) was able to build himself a 40 year career in the Senate.

From all that I could see during a short trip and from what I’ve read, the oil companies run Alaska and the senator was always their ‘boy’.

And as the dates for the political conventions draw near, I can’t help but become irritated. At the waste. Waste of money, newsprint and time. Political conventions are so 20th century! Wait…make that 19th century!

The Democrats and the Republicans are going to have a party and you and I are not invited. A lot of money will be spent on food, drink and funny hats. This will make the host city happy. The news media will enjoy some of the party activities and then engage in meaningless conjecture over every little bit of rumor that flows out from the convention.

Now here’s my usual rant. Do you really want to be associated with yahoos like this? Give yourself some real power and register as an independent voter.

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