Saturday, July 12, 2008


Sure, it’s a Saturday and I should be sleeping in, but my internal clock tells me to wake up and make the coffee and so I have. Rewarding. And there is already some good news for the day ahead; Wall Street is closed for the weekend. We won’t be trashed, financially, today. Monday, yes – today, no.

Boo, the cat, is in one of her rare moods. Playful as a kitten! She wants me down on the floor with her and so I obey. It also helps my hip pain if I get down and stretch, so I call it cat therapy. And speaking of therapy, as I was; Wiihabilitation is big news in physical therapy circles. I’m going to suggest to the board of directors that the Glenn County Seniors Centers invest in a Wii for the Orland Center. All we would need to make it a success would be for one elder to learn how to use it and then to be willing to help others. It’s not that difficult, but as most are resistant to change, it would take a contemporary, a fellow elder, to promote the idea. Here’s a link. And another.

A Wii and Wii Fit are already part of our plans for the day when we buy a new television. Since we don’t watch television and only use it for movies, it would make sense to buy a fairly large screen and Wii works/looks best with a large screen. For a real treat, you can buy one of those older rear projection screen TV’s (used) pretty cheap. (Craigslist) They have huge screens and since Wii doesn’t use high definition graphics, the picture quality is just fine.

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