Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who is that?

Mission accomplished. The water is flowing as planned. But, I have a mysterious problem. On alternating Tuesday’s, I set up the orchard for irrigation by mowing it close and then closing all the water gates that aren’t needed and opening the ones that will be used. Better to do it in the light of day. Last week I closed the southbound ditch as usual but in the morning, when I went to see how the water was flowing, I found it open and water racing down the ditch. I closed it quickly and almost chalked it up to faulty memory. Yesterday, I put that gate in and made a mental note of it. Writ large upon my brain! And this morning, before opening the other gates, I checked and found it open? Grrr!

But, is that a bad thing? Now I have a mystery to solve…

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