Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Jeekers! That was lightning! And here comes the roll of thunder. Lots of it. The storm seems to be all around us and quite widespread. I can’t get a fix on which direction it’s heading, though I am assuming it will be east. But, through the magic of the internet, I bet I can find a sonar map of the storm as well as a lightning strike indicator. Oh, yes… the cat wants in. Really!

I love to sit and watch storms like this. The window is open and I can smell the rain and even hear scattered rain drops on the metal roof of the shed outside the window. A bright flash and more thunder; maybe 5 miles away? I should be quite safe here, except for the fact that at 6 this morning I have to walk up to the main canal and open the flow of water into our local ditch for irrigation. Hopefully, the storm will have moved past us by that time.

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