Saturday, August 2, 2008

News? What news?

OK, where’s the cat? She has been waiting for me at the door every morning for the past week. Same time. I open the door and there she is. But not this morning? I'll try again.

All right, the third time’s a charm; she’s back in the house. Where she is bound to disappear again. She did a disappearing act on us on Thursday. We looked everywhere. The cat was not to be found. Yes, she was in the house, but two adults could not locate her. How does she do that? I was shutting doors behind me as I searched each room, in the hope that she would be in a room that I had searched and then, when I heard her crying to get out later, I would have a clue as to where I should look the next time she disappears.

Good idea but no luck. She was finally found by revisiting all of the rooms and Laurae spotted her sleeping behind a night stand; one that had enough room in the back for her to crawl under the nightstand. Her new favorite place.

Here I am blogging about a cat. It must be a very slow ‘news’ morning on the internet. Too true. I can’t find anything to excite me. Probably because all of the news is as expected. People behaving badly. Except for me, of course.

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