Saturday, August 2, 2008

To Market To Market

We’ve been to the market. The Farmer’s Market in Chico. Everything was very tempting and we had to restrain ourselves from buying too much. We bought some strawberries because Laurae smelled them as we passed by the seller. Ten feet away and she smelled them! Had to have some. All of the large, beautiful and tasteless strawberries are gone for the season. No loss there. These strawberries are about the size of my thumb or smaller and incredibly sweet. We also bought some Early Girl tomatoes, $1.00 a pound. Three tomatoes made a pound but the farmer threw in one more. Last, a cantaloupe. It looks good and it smells good at the blossom end, a good sign. But, we were fooled the other day at the store when I bought what looked like a good melon. I opened and prepared it for dinner last night. Nothing but sweet spit. No flavor at all.

And I have to wonder why there isn’t a farmer’s market here on the Planet Orland? We’re surrounded by farms! But we have to go to Chico for those sweet tomatoes. (Note; I have plenty of green tomatoes in the back but no ripe ones.) And while I was looking for some images of the local market to post here, I ran across these photos of the Farmer’s market in Hilo. Been there. Done that. It’s a great market to visit; though it can be overwhelming. Was it simply fortuitous that I saw the Hilo photos on the same day I bought another lottery ticket? Or is that a sign?

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