Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It is not flat!

That story I read earlier this morning, the one about the woman who wouldn't vote for Obama because of his skin color, preys upon me. It disturbs me deeply. And it's not as if I hadn't heard it before; I have. And there was time when I would have asked such a person to give me their thoughts on the matter; to explain themselves. Not now. Stupid is stupid and there is nothing to be gained by discussing it with people like this. Would you try to argue with someone who thinks the world is flat? Of course not. But still… it disturbs me.


  1. I recently withdrew fellowship from my church (SBC) because of the hatred I've seen in emails and comments from members. The pastor invited me to lunch because he wanted to hear my story. I explained how I thoght the church should stay out of politics and vice versa. He told me he was a registered Republican. I asked him this question: As a Christian, what is it about the Republican party that attracts you to their world view. His answer? He'd never really thought about it.

  2. "never really thought about it..." That's the answer.