Friday, October 10, 2008

Let’s Be Fair

I guess the calm must wait. I was just reading about the so-called Social Security disaster. It's not. If everyone would pay their fair share, the crisis is averted. Ah! It's the word 'fair' that so many Republican's hate. Fair is when you and I pay and they don't.

The fix for Social Security has been enacted many times in the past. Painlessly. It happens whenever there is Democratic Congress and a Democratic President. Did anyone think that a program enacted in the 1930's wouldn't have to adjust to the economic times of the future? So it's not even a 'fix' that we're talking about, it's simply staying current.

But, Republican's hate Social Security with a passion. It's money going to worthless 'old people' when it could be better used by? By Republican's of course!

1 comment:

  1. The Republicans' trickle down system will not allow one drop of wealth to trickle down. They see Social Security as a revenue stream flowing down to the working class and the poor and they want to divert it back upstream. They try to convince us that a privatized social security would help people, but look who will get the money first. The greedy people who have driven our economy over the cliff.