Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Change

I heard it again. Obama is a Socialist. And I don't know why that is supposed to scare me? For one thing, he's running as the Democratic Party candidate and he's not the candidate for the Socialist Party. Brian Moore is their candidate. And for another, our government is still run by the 'people'. Not by the president. Or Congress. And if the 'people' decide to change their government in some way, they have every right to do so. Today, in 2008, this is not the same form of government the founding fathers envisioned. Do you think George Washington favored 'gerrymandering'? Please! And women voting? Would have scared George!

Socialism has some good points. But as in any construct of mankind, it's flawed. Yes, so is the form of democracy we use. To be truthful, I'm in favor of a Parliamentarian form of government. Bush would have been gone at least 3 years ago!

Yes, change is good.


  1. Actually, socialism, where a nation's property and means of production are owned in common, has never been tried. All the countries that have called themselves socialists have been governed by a wealthy, privileged elite while the common man struggled to make a living. Maybe some American Indian tribes came close to it.

  2. Exactly. Just as Democracy is never seriously used as a form of government. Most people are very uncomfortable with it.