Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Slow But Sure

A partial brain swap has been made. The new computer sits beneath the desk now and the HUGE monitor is in front of me. 22" and I deserve it. In fact, all elders should have one. Back in the day, I would set my screen resolution as high as I could in an effort to cram as much program real estate as possible onto my desktop. Not now; I have it set to 1280x720 and I still have plenty of room. If my eyesight deteriorates I will still have room to lower the resolution without running into scroll bars. The old computer is still alive and sits to the right of me for now. My security blanket.

I'm getting used to Vista. And there are some things I like; not many but I think that will change as I find my way into the system. Once I learn how to tweak some things, then I will feel more in control.

It's the same with Word 2007. I'm already tweaking my Normal template and creating some shortcut on my menu bar. And I do like the ability to post to my blogs without ever leaving Word. Perhaps now my posts will have the same look and feel day after day, instead of the hodge podge that exists now.

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