Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Free Holiday Turkeys

a Ritual in Decline -

I remember this vividly! It was in the 60's and I was still an apprentice carpenter. Work had slowed and I couldn't find a job. I had been doing piece-work when I could find it, but it didn't pay well at all. When I couldn't find any more piece-work I finally had to give in and apply for unemployment benefits. We had a baby and we had bills.

But... my last regular employer had given me a certificate for a 25 pound turkey. We searched the markets until we found one that weighed as close to 25 pounds as possible!

We ate turkey for weeks and in every possible form! Now that's thanksgiving!

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  1. My dad's business gives all employees a gift certificate for a turkey from the local butchery for every Thanksgiving, and a ham for Christmas. Not only does it feed families, it also supports another small business in town. It makes me proud!