Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just Doing Her Job

On another note; Boo the Cat had her annual shots and physical exam yesterday. She passed. The doctor said she was in great shape and she does look good; her all-black coat is glossy and she isn't overweight. She's a small cat; weighing just 7 pounds. Thank goodness for that, as she sleeps on my lap or legs every night while I'm reading in the family room. That's her job; to lower my blood pressure. And to keep the mice away.

But this morning, instead of wrestling with me, Boo the cat is sound asleep on a chair out in the garage. The combo of drugs she took yesterday has thrown her for a loop and she'll be napping most of the day.

(Hmmm? I wonder if I can get my doctor to 'prescribe' a cat for me? Then I could deduct the vet bill!)

Link to cat/heart news

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