Friday, November 21, 2008

Just an idea

As usual, here I am with coffee in hand and Boo the Cat demanding my attention; inviting me to play. Can't she see that I'm busy with the affairs of the world? I can't possibly follow the story on the screen, type and wrestle. But…I'll try.

And the first story that grabbed my attention was the one covering the Senate as it honored the former Senator Stevens. What? A convicted felon. A thief. And the Senate takes time from our work to honor him with speeches and standing applause.

We have prisons filled with lesser criminals and this bozo gets a speech or 10 and a pat on the back. Perhaps during the next election we can take the Senate back…for the people. What a novel idea!

And then I read about the possibility of Janet Napolitano taking over as head of Homeland Security. Personally, I would like to see that department dismantled and the responsibilities given back to the original departments that held them. I don't feel a bit safer just because Bush created another layer of bureaucrats and gave them that weird 'homeland' name. And billions of dollars to waste.

But, all that aside, my question is this; is Janet Napolitano Pro-Fence or Anti-Fence? Her answer is critical. If she's Pro-Fence… she's an idiot and only wants my money. Which I don't have any more of.

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  1. She is the Governor here but I don't even know her stand on "the Fence". Maybe that is telling in itself. Hopefully, we will know her stand on all things about the border before she gets the job.