Sunday, November 30, 2008


The last day of November and all is well. Or as well as it's going to get at this last minute. Once more I'm stumped for the 'subject of the day' and must spend some more time browsing the internet while drinking coffee in an attempt to get my mind in gear.

Boo the Cat has already made her grand entrance; running a few laps around the house before collapsing into her bed here in the study. I certainly won't get any more inspiration from her.

I looked at the weather as I usually do for inspiration and found this… Statement as of 5:00 PM PST on November 29, 2008

... Record high temperature set at Redding Airport CA...

a record high temperature of 77 degrees was set at Redding Airport
CA today. This breaks the old record of 70 degrees set in 1988.

Does it mean anything? Anything at all 'significant'? I doubt it. But what do I know of these things?

The headlines are all about the tragic story in Mumbai. A story that will be dissected in the media for the next week or so. But will we ever know what drives those who committed these acts of terrorism? The fear of death doesn't deter them; it seems that it's expected and welcomed. We really need to find a way to stop them long before the opportunity for violence arrives. Capital punishment doesn't faze them; perhaps a promise that if captured they will be kept alive? In prison. Until they are old and feeble and all of their dreams have died. Yes, being forgotten might be the punishment that deters. I think it's universal… we all fear it.

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