Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Not too cold this morning. Just a slight bump of heat with the furnace will make it just right in here. Hmm? Is furnace the right word to use? It's that forced air unit that sits outside and burns money. It's not properly a furnace nor is it a heater. I guess it's one of those leftover words from childhood. Mom would say, "If you're cold, go stand over there by the furnace." The furnace then being a metal grate in the floor.

I guess the subject of the day is food. It started with a reading of Time Goes By. And then there is that photo (below) of a turkey carcass simmering on the stove. And tomorrow is definitely going to be all about food. Far too much of it. Again.

It seems to be something we do every year at this time. We try to remind ourselves that some don't have as much as we do and we feel properly sorry about it for a few minutes and then go on with our lives. We all do it. We did it last weekend because we can't travel for the holiday. But the effect was just the same. We had plenty at our table and we briefly felt sorry for those without.

So I'm thinking some more… we have three basic needs. Air, water and food. Without any one of those, we die. All three. Gotta have them! Since that's true, shouldn't we make certain that all of us have those things? Yet we (globally) abuse all three of those vital resources.

And then I thought about the local food source for those in need; the Orland Pantry. We will soon be giving out the Christmas food boxes, including a turkey or ham. I shouldn't say 'we' as I won't be working there this year as I can't do the lifting that is needed. But I do remember that last year we had a record number of families. 300+. I imagine that we will serve more than that this year.

And although I will miss the camaraderie of the volunteers this year, I won't miss hearing the few volunteers that make a point of commenting on how the 'needy people' are dressed and what kind of car they are driving. Some volunteers would only be happy if those in need looked the part. Families barefoot and in rags while pushing a wheelbarrow would make these volunteers ecstatic!

And last; if we spent the $10 billion a month that we are spending in Iraq on food instead…how many turkeys would that buy? A hundred million?

Why are humans so darn 'human'?

Link to Time Goes By for the day

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