Sunday, December 21, 2008

A $5 QuickPick

Is this the first day of winter? It is. How appropriate. It certainly looks and feels like winter around here. I know; what am I complaining about? We live in northern California at an altitude of only a few hundred feet and winter cannot be all that bad. So you say.

We have lived all up and down this state, from the beaches to the mountains and have experienced all sorts of winters and I can truthfully say that I didn't care for any of them. And all things being relative, winter in Orland is just as bad as winter in San Diego, even though 600 miles separates us.

So where would I live if I wanted to enjoy winters? On the Big Island. Somewhere near Hilo, where 'real' people live. And then summers in New Mexico, close to Santa Fe. Dreams. I guess I better play the lottery again…

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