Sunday, December 7, 2008

Don’t Even Ask!

I was reading a story this morning about the workers that had taken over a factory in Chicago. It seems that the owners had to close prematurely because Bank of America was calling their loan. They had no choice but to close the doors, although the workers hadn't been paid. I know that there is a lot more to the story, but…wouldn't it make more sense to keep the factory alive and the workers working and being paid? Paying taxes on their earnings? And isn't Bank of America one of the recipients of our dollars to help bail them out? Just wondering…

And strangely enough, as I was reading the Economist this morning, the editors made the plea for the nations of the world to use bold new ideas when it comes to thinking of ways to ease our current crisis. One of the ideas? To use some of that 'Bailout' cash to renegotiate loans where there is imminent danger of a business going broke. Gee! It seems to make sense. Yes, keep people working.

America is a funny place. All the good rightwing conservatives insist that we should stand tall as Americans, shoulder to shoulder, as we demonstrate to the world our solidarity and patriotism. Until one of us need a helping hand. No, not my wallet!


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