Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gotta Go!

Speaking of writers, as I was… I've just finished the second book (The Crossing) of The Border Trilogy; written by Cormac McCarthy. This is good writing! But…you have to be able to endure sentences that can run on for the length of a paragraph. True, I really didn't see a place for a comma when I re-read one of the longer sentences, but I was really looking for a place to take a breath. I needed a comma!

All the Pretty Horses is the first book and it had my attention all of the way through it. The Crossing had some of the best writing I've ever enjoyed when the author describes the hunt, the capture and the eventual death of the wolf. Moving. But then the book bogged down for a bit; understandable after the wolf story. Eventually it came back to being a good read. The last book, Cities of the Plain, is open to the first page. I can hardly wait!

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