Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hit and Run

Another chilly day. And the first thing I see this morning, after turning up the thermostat, is a blank screen on my computer and the log-in screen on the other. Yes, Microsoft has been here and gone; updating our computers. Unfortunately, my computer doesn't play well with the 'jump' drive I have and when it's plugged in during a reboot, the pc freezes as soon as it sees the jump drive. I have to pull the jump drive and start it up the old fashioned way. Isn't technology grand!

I know that somewhere out there I can find a cure, a fix for this failed relationship between jump drive and pc. But do I really want to go through the hassle? And I have a similar problem with my ATI video driver; every time it loads it asks me to notice the fact that it can't find a certain .Net file. A file with an impossibly long name. I click OK and everything seems to work? Now ten years ago I would have enjoyed this kind of detective work. I did enjoy it! But I have matured and now I just expect things to work; the first time and every time. Sigh.

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